The Engine Oil Shelf Life

Engine Oil Shelf Life Motor Oil

You may ask: What’s the shelf life of motor oil?
Here is the answer.

Engine oil stays stable for quite some time if you store it in a closed container. However, the storage time should generally not exceed 3-5 years,according to the manufacturers.

Motor oil contains certain additives. The efficiency of these additives could be altered if the oil is stored for a longer period of time, because of chemical reactions that are started when they get exposed to things like air and oxygen, heat, light and water.

Please be careful if you want to use old motor oils in new vehicles. As engines get more and more advanced, an old motor oil might not be compatible with a new engine. It is therefore advisable to pick a newer oil.

Especially when it comes to high-capacity engines, you should use modern and technically advanced motor oils to prevent any damage. That applies in particular to vehicles with LongLife service, as they require a particular LongLife oil.

Shelf Life Motor OilFurthermore, you should not store bottles or containers with oil for longer than six months if they are already opened. The oil and the surrounding air could have interacted.

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