What Engine Oil Do I Need?

Diesel and gasoline engines need different motor oils.

Which engine oil you should choose depends first and foremost on whether you have a gas or diesel engine. A gasoline engine requires a different engine oil than a diesel engine, as for example, the combustion temperature is different. Car manufacturers define the requirements for the motor oil for each model and determinethe change intervals. In the operating manual for your vehicle, you will find the required classification and specification of the engine oil you have to use.

The SAE viscosity grade, the API classification and the ACEA specification are important. Some car manufacturers create their own testing standards  – on the label of the engine oil should be noted that the oil of the required standard of the car manufacturer (eg VW 503.00) corresponds. We have compiled an overview of the specifications of BMW, Mercedes and VW for you.

A tip from www.car-motor-oil.com:

If you just can’t find your manual or service booklet to check which engine oil your car needs, then you can search on the following pages directly:


You will not only be provided with the matching products from the respective manufacturer but also get displayed which viscosity class the oil must have.

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